Photos from Bertha’s

Bertha's, Fells Point, Baltimore. January, 2014
Bertha’s, Fells Point, Baltimore. January, 2014

One of our good neighbors at Bertha’s, Raj, came over to shoot some photos last Wednesday. Got some great shots. He took a bazillion, so I was hoping there would be some winners in the bunch.

It’s hard to shoot at Bertha’s. There’s not a lot of room to move around, and the band is taking up pretty much all the room there is while we’re playing. We aren’t exactly standing still, either. We’re a pretty loose outfit, milling around all over the place in there. We have to remind ourselves not to block the doorway or keep customers from getting to the booze in a timely manner. When you’re a photographer, trying to move in close with your face in a camera, you get smacked on the head a few times. Sorry about the back of your skull, Raj.

Then there’s the lighting. Well, the lack thereof. It’s already dark in there, as a dive should be. Then there’s the Christmas lights from 2011. They are not a photographer’s friend. They’re the old LED lights, and they buzz along at 60Hz. I know this because when I’m playing a low A, usually around 55Hz (and I’m usually sharp,) those lights start bobbing and weaving in my field of view. I wonder what kind of dope would give me the most similar effect?

Nonetheless, Raj took a bunch of good pictures. Our drummer has a million-dollar smile! Check them out.